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e-sailing Next Week and Next Weekend - YOU CAN WATCH IT AS IT HAPPENS ON LINE

Dear All,
We are going to have an extra e-sailing racing session of 3 races this coming Wednesday 10th February at 7pm.

The programme for Wednesday night (10th February) will be as follows for both participants and observers – you can watch it if you don’t want to join in. It costs observers nothing

In order to register and obtain invites on zoom  please e-mail me jnymckn1@yahoo.co.uk

7pm – Join on Zoom – social chat followed by:
7.15   1st Race   –   Name of Race 1 is lancing1 and the code for this race is shopsdam1 (all lower case)7.35   2nd Race  –   Name of Race 2 is lancing2 and the code for this race is shopsdam2
7.50   3rd Race   –   Name of Race 3 is lancing3  and the code for this race is shopsdam3

It is  simple for observers.  You can watch the racing without joining in by going at the time indicated to the Virtual Regatta website on your computer, tablet or cell phone and clicking twice to get the screen below – you then click Custom Race to the left of the screen :                       

Inline image

After clicking custom race you get this screen below:

Inline image

On the screen you will see 3 buttons at the top:

If you want to observe the race without participating all you have to do is click the video camera and then scroll down to find the title of race you want to watch click the ribbon for that race (e.g lancing 1) –  .
You will then get a screen with the list of competitors – click the video camera button (not the one with the lock on it as this is for entering the code for competitors – you don’t need that as an observer)

You can: a|) control the view of the race area with normal zoom tools and arrow  on screen or with the keyboard

              b) focus on any individual boat by clicking on the competiters list on the screen.

               c) Results are posted at the end of each race

If you want to participate in the race you need to:
 a) go to the first screen shown above and click custom race and enter the particular race code (e.g. shopsdam1)  at the time of the intended pre-race procedure usually 2 or 3 minutes before the start  (see above). This will be easier if you join us on zoom as we won’t start untill you boat appears on the screen – but you don’t have to. We will try to be on-time for each of the 3 races.  Those of you who have e-sailed before will already know how to control your boat.

Those of you who are interested in learning more Craig and I are running an ‘Introduction to e-sailing next Sunday 14th February at 7pm. If you are interested e-mail me and I will register you by sending a zoom invite. If you are racing try to join us on zoom at 7pm for a chat. 

So the forthcoming February e-sailing programme is:

Event Noe-sailing Events – February 2021Time GMTDate
Practice Race 1
Wednesday 10th February
Practice Race 2
Wednesday 10th February
Practice Race 3
Wednesday 10th February
3aIntroduction to e-sailing7.00 pm to 8pm    Sunday 14th February            
3bPractice Races (up to 3) 8.00pm to 8.30pmSunday 14th February            

Let me know if there are any queries – 07710459403

All the best and keep safe


LSCLSCWe are a very friendly family oriented sailing club located on the South East Coast, which gives direct access to one of the best sailing areas in the World. Situated on the beach overlooking the sea and sailing area Lancing SC is perfect for families to enjoy the experience together on and off the water. Lancing SC provides exciting and challenging sailing for everyone and welcomes sailors of all abilities, whether National Champion or total newbie.

We race every Sunday from April through to November and on Wednesday evenings during the Summer. Our trained volunteer members also run training every Saturday from May to September. Our training programme caters for all ages 6 and above and aims to bring beginners into sailing and introduce you to the wonderful sport of dinghy racing. We have a number of club boats that can be used, free of charge during training and hired out for racing or free sailing for a small fee until, inevitably, you buy you own. This helps you to learn the basics and know what class of dinghy will suit you and is a great way to get into the wonder world of sailing.

Covid regulations allowing, we will be resuming Saturday morning training sessions in May starting with a “have a go day” on 15th May 2021.

The Club is orientated towards sailing and racing with facilities that include club room with bar and canteen, changing facilities and boat storage. If you are interested in getting involved and experiencing the thrills of dinghy sailing in a competitive, friendly family orientated environment then please come and visit. Our sailors, families and volunteers share a passion for sailing and would be more than happy to share their love of the sport and the Club with you.

On the clubs Facebook group you can also see the latest news, photos, pictures and videos.