COVID19 – Delay to the start of the sailing season.

Dear members

It is with regret that the main committee feel we should delay the start of the sailing season until at least the end of April due to the coronavirus. Although the act of sailing is generally in itself an isolated sport we cannot disregard the activities in the club house, changing rooms, socialising on the beach and helping each other pull the boats up the beach. All of this increases the risk of spreading the virus and goes against current social distancing advice.

We do not intend to try to stop individual members coming to the club and sailing on their own just as they may have done during the week or on Saturdays in the past. This is not regarded as organised club sailing and is carried out at members own risk. No safety cover will be provided.

We will keep an eye on the situation and will keep you all informed. We all hope to open up the club and start the season proper as soon as it is safe to do so.

Kind Regards

Andrew Carter