Lockdown v2.0 signals the end of the 2020 sailing season

Hi All

Since the latest lockdown was announced we’ve been trying to establish exactly what is and is not allowed.

I attended an RYA webinar on Wednesday evening and the Sailing Committee met last night to further discuss. I am sorry to say that we will not be able to race again this season. In summary :-

  • There is no way we can organise racing during lockdown
  • The rule of 6 does not apply and is replaced by only being able to meet one other person from outside your household outdoors.
  • Sports Clubs have to close. This includes everything, including the toilets and the grounds.
  • Recreational boating for single people, or single households, or bubbles, can take place, but only from a “public outdoor space”. While the beach is such a space, the RYA’s legal team advises that the dinghy compound is not.
  • You can therefore access the dinghy compound only for essential maintenance. If it can wait until after lockdown, you cannot do it. This also means that, for those of you who keep anything else in the annex, you are not allowed to access it until at least after lockdown.

I am sorry that none of the above is what you would have wanted to hear.

Sailing Committee discussed whether we want to consider sailing in December. For some, I am sure it would be great to be able to race again in 2020, but we could go to the trouble of organising it and find government still doesn’t allow it anyway, the weather intervenes or that too few people want to sail and given that it seems highly unlikely that we will be able to use the club/changing rooms/showers. So I’m afraid we decided not to do this.

So I’m sorry to say that that is it for what has been a disrupted 2020 season.

I hope to see many of you at the AGM, which I hope you have seen has been moved to 6th December. More to follow on that shortly.