Lancing Correction Factor

PY numbers for 2010 LCF handicaps for 2010

If your boat is not in the list, don't panic! It's easy to work out what it should be using my spreadsheet - and I do the results.

Modified LCF is based on LCF, but includes some further adjustment of the correction factor based on the historical relative performance of different classes at Lancing (hopefully with the crew's skill factor taken out of the equation). I have done this calculation for the last 5+ years (for the annual yardstick return to the RYA), so have a reasonable idea of what's going on However, as this may be a bit controversial for some, modified LCF will only be used for Pursuit Races this year - it has been used once in the past - bet no one noticed!

In all cases, the usual elapsed time correction method of calculating finishing times will be retained.

Mike Croker